Thursday, August 16, 2007

MAJOR catching up to do

I completed an afghan that was submitted to a publishing company and they should be getting that today. I also got a package from same company, so I am under contract and a deadline of next week. eeeps! hehehehehe I have a quilt club meeting on Saturday and I have been going each day to help my daughter pack! :-( they rent, and the owners put the house on the market---

Recently, I was nominated for the *nice matters* award. (thanks GERRY). This means so much!! It is my turn to nominate others. I am going to send along 5 of these awards --these people have become very special to me.

~Susan N~she always tells me I should step a little outside of my comfort zone--and believe me, I sure have! LOL and I am loving it! (quilting)
~Jane B~ LOL--she helped me move out of said comfort zone (thank you for the lovely package! and we learn that we have much more in common with each communication. (crazy quilting)
~Carole Samples~ OH--she doesnt know it yet, but she is rapidly becoming a great email pal!! She is very encouraging with my learning to do it right-crazy quilting!
~VARMIT~ I cant say enough about this wonderful friend with whom I intend to meet one day. She and I keep each other on the *same page* and i enjoy every minute I get to spend talking with her. and boy howdy, is she extra fun!!! I love ya VARMIT!!! (crochet)
~Creative Partner-LLC~ specifically Rita and Jean! These two people are very easy going and easy to glean info and help from. I *work (crochet)* for these gals. They have made a huge impact on my *career-hobby* and are helping me realize dreams and goals. Thank you so very much!!
Each of my nominees have made an impact on my life and my desire to improve my life and the fun things I do, as I get older. I cannot imagine a life without these friends! Thanks for being there!!!
ok--that is it for now--I have a contract to fulfill----more later!!! *~*CAROLE*~*


Franie said...

My head spins! You go girl! I sit here admiring all that you do. Great and good things come to those who are great and good--you are one of those!

Jane said...

Dear Wippy, Thank YOU so much for being a great internet friend and a "nice" blogger. You have a full life and its great that you still have time to share so much of yourself and your enthusiasm online and in the groups.
A big cyber ((hug) to you!