Thursday, August 2, 2007


this little gal is the newest addition to our family! We havent decided on a name for her but are leaning towards *missy* she is just the cutest little pudgy puppy. she is 11 weeks and looks more like a Maltese than are dear Laci! *missy* weighs 4 lbs already--about a pound over normal so she goes on diet already---but cute as can be! John is attached already :o) you have to understand that Laci was his little girl for a b'day present, but Laci likes me more--so i told him he needed to bond with the pup and so he gets to choose her name--he has yet to come up with one :o)

This picture to the left is a lottery block on a Thimbleberry list I found with the help of a fellow cq-er.... I love this technique and design--good use of scraps :O) think I will make some more!

That's all today folks *~*CAROLE *~*---OH--we may or may not go camping--depends on how puppy does the next 3 nights....she would definitely go with us if at all possible....gotta get her used to it--after all, Laci loves to go with us! :o)


Franie said...

Oh she is darlin'. How did you come upon her--was it a plan? I am thinking of getting another little dog too--I have not had one though for several years. I hope she bonds with John. Laci is a nice little dog too. They will become buddies soon.

Love the blocks--that's 4 put together to make 1? can you send me the pattern although I think I see how it is done.

Jane said...

Hi Carole, Your new "baby" is adorable! and man, have you been busy !! Enjoy your trip and if you don't get to go , I am sure the new one will keep you entertained.