Saturday, May 26, 2007

I am published + more

Where do I start? I think now, it was thursday--anyway, I walked in JoAnn's , on a mission to see what they had I could use for cq-ing....I was compelled to go to the book rack at the front of the store, maybe to see about embroidery books, or something....recognized a cover that resembled another I had at home, from the same company. I wasnt really drawn to the cover--book said 100 projects. Being more drawn to who published it rather than the items on the cover, I began flipping through the pages and THERE IT WAS!!! right there in plain sight! ROSE GARDEN. Carol Carlile designed the motif and I did the rest of the design and she graciously permitted my name to be 'attached" to the afghan along with hers...I was so surprised, to say the least. It was the realization of a dream or goal. I mean, I have always loved to crochet and always will, but to see my name in print...simply cannot explain. This is the 'push' I needed, now, to concentrate on taking this even further. I dont expect to get rich, but I can certainly brag about it especially when I teach! hehehehehee..

on the 19th, we had a baby shower for my DIL. That was terrific and as it happened, it was very hot outside, and after 2 hours, it was time to call it quits. Someone (not me) would have loved to have had another 1+ hrs to play, but folks just couldnt do it. One very interesting item she received was a boppy? now, where in the world was this neat item when i had my kids? eh? you can see it here- Joseph will be very happy with all his goodies. He is expected to make his appearance about the 4th of July.

As promised, here are updates on my needle book.

The side with the buttons will be the front. I have put it aside for today, because i want to try things I have yet to try. :o) I am looking for a certain book and perhaps templates, both by Carole Samples. I am going to use felt for pages and pockets and well, I am still playing that one by ear :o)). will have to wait and see what comes to mind.

the block with the pinks/greens is for a round robin called choose your own theme and this is for one of the gals on that swap...I had thought at one point that I might be close to being done, but, I cant seem to want to put it down. I am going to play with it a great deal more. Spruce it up and just keep having fun. besides that, the next person to get the RR isnt ready. LOL--she is still playing with my block!

I love cq-ing! All the needlework I enjoy doing is or can be displayed on these blocks. and each block is unique and there are no rules. The block can tell a story, also. So much wrapped up in a small "package", and so much fun!

This last item is a name tag to let folks know who I am at the quilt guild meetings. These also tell a story about the person wearing it, so i decided that mine had to be of crazy quilting. keep in mind, this too, is a work in progress. When completed, I will be happy to wear it!

I love earth tones and Fall colors. They are warm and cozy colors, and that is what I prefer to have around me. I am going for now, have a wonderful rest of the long weekend and have a nice holiday and let's all remember exactly what that holiday is and take a moment to remember all of our fallen heroes!!! *~*CAROLE*~*


Susan said...

What's on there looks great. I really like the bush business up north of the west butterfly. =) How about some lazy daisy flowers in behind that butterfly? With the other one, maybe some running stitch loopies for movement? That green/pink brocade looking stuff in the upper right corner seems to need some kind of feathered wreath or circle treatment.

Ask Gail. She's much better at that stuff than I am.

I like your name tag there in the corner.

Debra Spincic said...

I noticed you dropped by my blog! I haven't worked on the orange quilt lately because I am scurrying to get another project done that is also full of seam treatments. So, do stop by again for some more eye candy!

Are you in the RR with Susan?

Gail said...

Congratulation on being published Carole that is awsome. I really like your needle case, of course I love green, but I like everything you have done and your fabric choices. Then there is the pink and green block, my favorite combo, lol. Very cute. Your name take is just what I would expect for you, fall colors, how big is it? I can see you are having alot of fun with this CQ, somehow I knew you would. VBG

val said...

I know how you feel about having been published---It is AWESOME---sort of like an aok on your work.I am soooo proud of u.Haven't done any writing lately.Teaching a new Bible study in July calling it "When the Roll is called up Yonder take mine with it" It is about losing weight God's way. Thought the title was catchy.That is all my news