Thursday, May 17, 2007


This is the beginning of my CYOT RR block --I completed the crochet project and now I can devote time to playing with these blocks as they come in! (choose your own theme-round robin) my theme is sewing and I am hoping to make a wall hanging/organizer from the blocks that come back. This is a treat for me as I get completed blocks when it finally gets back to me next year, and i get to play with a block that someone else will get for their use, and i get to learn more in the process.

I have been walking 5 miles every other day with one of my neighbors! WHAT a help that is to have someone call me the night before she would like to walk--incentive? you bet....but I still must walk early :o)..Yesterday, we had about 1/8th of each of rain..barely enough to wet the ground but it was rain!! Anyway--I am going to go and sew on another project that I have had to neglect--my needle book! This is what it looks like so far--more later-*~*CAROLE*~*


Jane said...

Hey Carol,
Good job in so short a time.. awesome! You got quite bit of stitching and embroidery done! You have me thinking now what to do to do with your colors and idea... don't you smell the wood burning?Next in line, Jane

ArmyLani said...

Way to go on the walking!! It is much "funner" when you have a friend to go with. And your projects are beautiful, as always.

Gabriele said...

It's neat to see how your not so traditional use of fabric is coming along as a CQ block. So everybody else in the round will add on to your block?

Sounds like you're enjoying your walks as well and I bet they're a lot more fun with a buddy. :o)