Friday, May 4, 2007

AAAAAAAHHH!!!!! then blech! hehehe

we are back!! had a splendid time-it was lovely, nice and cool and I think Laci is really getting to enjoy this new thing to her! now we are home--it is hot and windy! blech! The fire on the mtn appears to have been put out..last we heard about Wednesday, it was 65% contained and about 564 acres..anyway--that is it for now--more with pics later quilting--I have a contract to fulfill by the end of next week! first things first! later *~*CAROLE*~*


Gerry said...

Hi Carole. Thanks for visiting my blog and for the nice comment. Thanks also for the link back to your blog. I've taken a look around and you've done a nice job. I love the jacket! Laci is just too darn cute. Especially, standing in the suit case. I'll check back. Have a nice weekend.

Susan said...

Glad you had a good time. Did you get any CQ done, or just crochet?