Friday, February 16, 2007


so I will tell you!! I have been asked to help at the Quilt shop again--however, this time, I help
load truck and we haul everything off to a quilt show and sale and I am going to spend the day tomorrow helping out, over there!!! I am happy, excited, and somewhat reserved..I am still new to all this *behind the scenes* stuff! hehehe but I want to learn everything that I can!!!

The past couple days, I have made more hugs blocks. The doily in the back is actually a table topper I made several years ago and is one of my favorite designs--it is called Between Meal centerpiece and is a 1917 design. I have also been busy crocheting an item that I am designing.

For Valentines Day, I got a cupboard to put in my sewing room that actually makes the room look bigger LOL--but the idea was to keep the direct sun off my fabrics that i wont put in my closet! hehehehe This pic is the wall where the fabric was at first.. and the second picture is what it temparily looks like as I have finished stuffing it yet...all the things on the bottom are items that I promise to complete this year (so far, so good!)!!!!

Today I am going back to Daughter's to help clean out the yard of winter grasses and such...and trim Rose bushes, etc,etc--so, that is all for now!!! *~*CAROLE*~*


Franie said...

WOW you are helping with a show--I think someone has more confidence in your ability than you do yourself. I love doing stuff like that--I love talking to all the people who stop by. Can't wait to hear how it all goes.

You use the same type of stuff I do for keeping fabrics. I have those blocks too but this time I have them turned on their side. I love your new cabinet and came close to buying one of those. May yet--liked the idea of doors.

Susan said...

Have fun! Paul and I have done a number of trade and quilt shows, and it is always fun, but exhausting. You will need a good night's sleep before and after! Is this the Tucson guild show?

The sewing room looks great with the new shelving.

Love the hugs blocks, now can we see a pic of the crocheted piece? =)

A little outdoor work on a beautiful day. Have fun!