Friday, February 9, 2007

9 days

I couldnt believe when I logged on this morning that it had been nine days since I last posted here. I have been here. I guess there just wasnt enough to talk about that anyone would be interested in...

I walked 4.69 miles on Wednesday and 4.78 today,and i feel great!! getting warm outside already so i maybe begin walking even earlier.

tomorrow is the next meeting in the Thimbleberries quilt club for 07. I am really enjoying this! I am looking to getting with my new found friends again and having fun and seeing what the next month has in store for us.
*^*Project Linus--if you have a need to sew for children who are ill or have been traumatized, then this is a charity for you. The organization's NATIONAL *~*make a blanket day*~* is coming up on the 17th. I will attend to have lots of fun, if I am able to and I urge those of you who may be interested in this to find out where it is being held in your area. If you cannot attend, but would like to participate, I believe any quilt shop is a drop off point for any blankets or quilts you would like to make..I am no longer a chapter coordinator but will always believe that this is a very needy charity and just think of all the personal rewards you will get in return!!!

I have been testing dishcloths for my friend VARMIT--yeah, otherwise known as roadkill, too!! if you like nice, thick, dishcloths for extra cleaning help and support, then you wanna find out how you can have some of your own...these are not lacy and will probably last a bit longer than your standard knit or crocheted dish or wash cloths! I am also getting ready to begin making baby items for a grandbaby that is expected to make an appearance in the beginning of July..deciding what I want to make is the hardest part for me--I want to make everything I can get my hands on that is baby related - LOL.

temps have been most Spring-like!! in fact, I love this time of the year. Fall is my favorite and really not unlike what we have now. chilly nights and warm beautiful days. We had GREAT monsoons last summer and I hope that the vegetation remembers how much moisture it got--including the 3-4 inches of snow, that all the wild flowers will come out in full force.. The desert sure a a beautiful place with those in bloom...if anything happens, I should be able to begin getting pics Late Feb into March, if temps stay like this...

that should bring ya'll up to date with happenings @ wippy's place!!! This is for you Valerie--P:~~~~~~~ hehehehe you should be happy now!!


val said...

well it is about time---do you journal? you should you know---it's fun

Lizzie said...

she's been too busy cleaning my house for me.. 'evil laugh'