Monday, February 19, 2007


well, I went for a walk first! I fought the wind uphill all the way back so that was a great workout! LOL I didnt do much cleaning today as I didnt sleep well last night and I simply didnt feel like it! Tomorrow is another day. I spent the afternoon sewing. I hemmed a pair of jeans for a neighbor, then I completed a sundress I started over a year ago. I just completed the second step of the quilt that will be completed in the club this year! I took my time and I am very pleased! everything actually matched up! hehehe--

for those of you who might ask, the quilt on the bed is a Scrappy version of the Road to Oklahoma. I actually completed it in the Fall of 06. It was quilted by a gal that I bartered with. I designed a mantle cover for her bedroom which was done in Polynesian/Hawaiian decor. I thought it was a good trade and so did she! :o)

Shoot---I am not even going to cook tonight --soup and salad--sounds good to me!


val said...

I love the quilt on the bed. Did you pick out the colors? The design?

Franie said...

Your block is stunning and excellent work too! You are a bundle of energy. By the way, I am gonna try to get my SS early--62 next month! Watch how fast it will creep up on ya!

Susan said...

I love the block - it's wonderful when everything comes out just so. Are you using these colors all the way through?