Tuesday, February 13, 2007

today was really nice--kinda chilly, and now windy-oh where, oh where has the rain gone, that we were to have today???

well, John had a check-up on his knee and i took along white yarn, a hook, and a pencil and notepad and while he was in with the doc, I set myself to creating a baby afghan...I have an idea that cannot be shared yet, but I got inspired listening to the weather reports last night! Who am I to delay what was taking place between my brain and my fingers and a crochet hook? LOL I have a few ideas and hope to get this one published. (a long-time dream of mine) ..I will give more details as time passes but for now, it is too soon for even a picture--how is that for teasing?

I went to the quilt shop--had some money to spend that was burning a hole in the pocket--so I bought more Thimbleberries fabric and picked up another buck to be spent later on!

We also went to Lowe's!!! and this was so easy, I kinda have to laugh a little--I asked John for a cupboard to keep the sun off my fabrics and we came home with one--so--i get to rearrange my room and have even more storage for fabrics!! Of course, i would love to have a stash like I have seen in others' sewing rooms. but I am satisfied with mine for now and replenish as often as I can.....that is all for today---*~*CAROLE*~*

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