Thursday, January 8, 2009

TB party 08

here are the quilts from this year's of the gals is gone most of the year so she finished up last year's quilt and made another from scraps and another gal made twin sized quilts! the last picture is my top-no I aint done yet! LOL did you have to ask? I need to get busy--09 club starts this Saturday and my fingers are a-itching!!!


Franie said...

Awesome! I like yours the very best!

QltnRobin said...

Hey Wippy! Are YOU standing in the picture? Which one is you? Hum? And They are all lovely! You need to get yours machine quilted so you can enjoy it on your bed :)
HUGS, have missed you alot!

cq4fun said...

It looks great and mostly finished. Just a little more work. =)