Thursday, January 15, 2009

CHALLENGE project is done!

I am going to take a chance and call it quits and post pics--hoping no one from the guild sees this---they havent been here yet so.....the challenge--white and black with accent color. Something old is new again. My accent color is a pale yellow. all that is needed is the label...I actually might keep this when the quilt show is over! LOL

I didnt do all the embellishing that I thought I would in the I have goodies and fabric for other projects like this!

ok--now on to the next project in the 09 Thimbleberries club! I really like these fabrics!

Today I am going into town tobabysit fosters so the twins and parents can go to Flandrau Planetarium..I kinda wish I was going with them! more soon


Anonymous said...

Your challenge turned out great, Carole. Do you have more plates to use up?

gocrazywithme said...

I really like this, Wippy. It has a wonderful old fashioned look, yet the blacks are so black and the whites are so white. I'd definitely keep it and hang it up.

Gabriele said...

I love your challenge project and how you incorporated a very traditional pattern in a new color scheme.

Gerry said...

Your block is wonderful. I love the colors. Nice work!

Franie said...

WOW that is super duper looking. Very nice Carole. I love your challenge! Do you have a sewing room or do you sew at the dining table?