Saturday, January 24, 2009

LOVELY day to play!

I dont know that gives--I know I uploaded the pics where I wanted them! LOL anyway, the one in the middle is a block I snatched up at the guild meeting for 50 cents...I think I will make more of these, it was that easy and of course I have the pattern and templates! It was a block from JoAnn's 1999 bom. The florals are of a bom that was to start in January this year, but, Phyllis decided to catch the winter visitors and do a double bom from Nov to April...These 4 blocks are Nov and Dec...there are 4 more blocks to be done another afternoon, perhaps tomorrow, and then there will be two sets of filler blocks that round out that bom. Judy L's bom is set to begin again on Feb 1st....counting days here! OK--more soon--maybe I will do the other four blocks...maybe as well work on the hand appliqué all at the same time, eh? OH, the bom at our guild is also going to last 6 months for the same reason stated above..these blocks are dear Jane blocks double in size so we dont have to work such teeny pieces.....I hope I win some of these in the future! now I am going......

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