Thursday, November 13, 2008

the usual stuff

this is what I will be using for the challenge in the local guild. you can see I have everything I need for the time being...I guess what remains will be what kind of stitching to do! I am in the process of binding two quilts, too!! I would swear to it that the log cabin quilt came back bigger!!
tomorrow I will be working all day :o)........I hope there will be block 8 before the holiday break begins!! Thimbleberries Party is in Dec---top should be done by then....have to assemble block 11 and assemble----in Jan it starts all over again! Looking forward to it already!!


Susan said...

That came out great, Carole! I look forward to seeing the stitching you choose.

Gabriele said...

What is the theme or focus of the challange? Love the fabrics you picked for your project.

Your BOM is looking great, even before it's entirely assembled!