Tuesday, November 4, 2008



Below are pics of some of the items I have been working on. previously, I worked 6 days a week at the quilt shop for 3 weeks and then last week only two and I could be found catching up on other things as well. Also, my daughter introduced me to a site that I can play games and such with friends and family around the world! THAT has been much fun and it is addicting! If I am not found posting on lists, I bet you can challenge me to word games and find me playing! Keeps my brain in tact thus far! LOL
the crocheted hat is for a friend in Idaho--Interesting colors that are more vibrant that what the pic shows...after a time, hubby refused to model it for me--guess he thought I was catch a pic of him in it! LOL---The TB strips are the makings of the french braid top for the quilt shop and the block is for the Oct TB club project....on Saturday we begin to assemble the top! OH BOY!!

Lizzie found a house and had an offer accepted and I am delighted. today I began helping them pack up! 5 kids is a HUGE move but this shoud be the last time for years to come....I wish them well and I get make lots of new things for the kids! and mom and dad of course....

going to see what poll results show and play with some hand applique and crochet
I will try not to be gone so long next time! (LOL-I do have another BOM to make already)


Gabriele said...

Wonder what would make your hubby think you'd take a picture with him wearing the hat. lol
Will the Prairy Braid strips be alternated with some plain strips?
So far I've just used braids in borders, but one day I'll make an entire quilt, too. :o)
Can't believe your BOM will be wrapped up on Saturday already. Is this quilt going to be for you or a housewarming gift to Lizzie?

Franie said...

Hey Lady you are so busy--I know when we don't hear much from you that you just that--busy. Great hat. Love the braids too--I am sending my oldest daughter a kit to make one like that--I have yet to make one. The block is great too. Congrats to Lizzie about the house.

Jane said...

You must be pooped from all the hours you're putting in. Enjoy catching up on your projects

pineapple_ing said...

Hey Carole!
Haven't heard from you in a while. You're working too much, I guess! I recognize the TB fabrics in your Block. Hope you'll show us the finished quilt! Good job!
Warm Autumn Hugs ~ Ing.