Thursday, July 31, 2008

sluggish and hot

man oh man--hoping rains come back soon...not been a good week at all around here, but to pass the time I have been sewing--takes my mind off things..Here is the first block of blocks for the Dresden Plate quilt..not perfect, but I am happy and it is staying this way! LOL..I have yet to lose interest on working this quilt...and am making good progress...also finished the BOM for the Thimbleberries big quilt for 08, and am working several other projects including a Thimbleberries nine patch--not sure yet how big to make any of my quilts--we are going to be on the hunt for another bed...bigger--the girls need more room! If this Dresden Plate quilt needs to be bigger--it will probably get borders! and lots of them! more soon as things calm down!

1 comment:

Susan said...

Looking good, Carole. Nice idea to put the same shape in the middle of the blocks as quilting.