Thursday, July 24, 2008


Well, here we are--the morning after
the rainbow indicates what kinda mess we had the night before..I know better than to go out in a storm of that nature. there were stranded vehicles every where and mud up to windows, etc,etc...what gets me is that the drivers' wanting to get home overrides their senses and they go around barricades, etc..and THEY KNOW what may happen....oh well, there will always be idiots I guess!

I know we have never experienced that kind of lightening and thunder before..I honestly thought that we had been the recipients of a direct hit but it was the neighbor's home..she lost electric, air, phone, and her microwave. She has had power since yesterday am but has to replace everything else...we havent heard, but hopefully all is well now. The lightening was SO CLOSE that I could hear the crackling and sizzling..and the clap of thunder was there before the lightening stopped! They dogs were petrified and needed to be cuddled for some time after....AND it came back around two more times....for a total of 1 1/2 inches of rain that brought the waters in the pics I loaded from Tuesday night. We were expecting the same yesterday but it was nice and dry and ~H~O~T~, and again we are due more of the same but we shall see--kinda hit and miss this time of year around here.

I pacify myself staying inside where I can play and watch and listen..Yesterday I created this tissue cover to go with the THIMBLEBERRIES line of projects and fabrics I will using in this year's club! I ABSOLUTELY love this line and I thought this would make a nice addition. I also designed the crocheted couch set :o) nothing like have everything I like to do in one project! LOL The base isnt hemmed yet..I am going to use a shorter box of tissues, but I think you get the idea.. :o) thanks for taking a peak---now I am going back to the machine to work on my TB nine-patch! more soon


Gabriele said...

I'm glad nobody was hurt in your storm and love the rainbow pictures you included from the day after.
I've noticed that you had it quite a bit cooler than we have it in Glendale when we made our trip to Colossal Cave a few days earlier. Interesting how different the weather is two hours away.

Your couch tissue box cover is too cute! Love the doilies that you made to go with it. Did you have a pattern for the cover or did you make it up yourself?

Franie said...

Oh so cute! I love the tissue covers doilies and all. So clever.

WOW on the weather. I know you crave the moisture but not like that! I appreciate where I live more and more although we can get flash flooding too.

I know you are never bored!

Susan said...

Cute cover, love the little personalized touches, such as the doilies and pillows.

Gail said...

Sounds like we both got it weather wise last night, ours did not last long though.

Very cute tissue cover, cleaver. Great job on all the details.