Friday, July 11, 2008

Here I am..playing as usual

AH--the Dresden Plate quilt I am making! It is machine pieced and hand pieced and appliquéd. It will be hand-quilted 4 blocks at a time. There will be 110 blocks and 1320 mostly different scrappy petals. A friend is teaching me this as part of hand appliqué lessons. She says this is a good place to start--no matter- as you can see by my work thus far, it is addicting. I have made 78 plates in 1 1/2 weeks, and I have 35 centers done, all ready for their blocks--THAT part will be time consuming.

The Moose Mats are an extra project within the Thimbleberries club. the project for the month was to make two border strips--so no pic of those--no big deal. THE BIGGEST deal was completing my LOG CABIN quilt top--sorry no pic--it has been mailed to my friend in Idaho for quilting. Hang tight--you will get to see it completed before the Summer is out! I am not a pink person but the reproduction fabric screamed of log cabin so that is what it became. I am delighted with it!

currently, now that that project is out of my room, I am crazy quilting a Summer block for a swap and I am working on a purple RR that I wish I could keep! hehehe. beat me up--I have not crocheted in about 2 weeks now. just about the time I began the Dresden Plate quilt! I guess I have my priorities!

The monsoon season is upon us and I dont get to play much in the afternoons but that is ok--I have my hand works that I can do sitting anywhere. It has been nice enough in the am to walk and cool enough in the later afternoon to take the girls out for a walk.

I was all excited--we had a good 80% chance of rain today and so far, nothing. I love to watch the storms come in, smell the air after and relax! So, till it comes in today, I will pacify myself on the couch with appliquéing!


Candi said...

wow, your Dresden plate quilt is going to be just gorgeous! I love looking at your work, thanks for sharing.

Franie said...

I am sending your blog address to Elaine B.--she is doing a Dresden plate too. That is going to be something. I still have my octagons/grandmother's garden and I have done nothing with it in a couple of years. You do great work Carole and I already knew that with crochet but you have been really showing your talent these days with quilting!

Anonymous said...

Carole, love the dresdon plate. I have 2 quilts with the dresdon plate that my mother made years ago. They are both very tattered and torn now, but to me they are still gorgeous. Your variety of fabrics is awesome! Debbie (Maine)

Elly D said...

Love your dresden plate blocks and I love Thimbleberries :-D

What kind of dogs do you have, they look ever so cute :-D Elly

Susan said...

You have a *lot* of dresden plates to play with there! Cute Moose Mats. Congrats on being totally finished with the log cabin! Is Robin going to bind it for you, too?