Monday, March 24, 2008


About a year ago (or less) I got summoned for jury duty in Pima County--I was selected but the judge dismissed us all right away--declaring a mis-trial--some folks were using every excuse to get out and he was quickly running out of jurors....two weeks ago i received a summons for another county (in Flagstaff) --this I cant understand--it was for Navajo County with the pima county address...I havent lived in Navajo county for two years!!! I filled out all the papers, and sent that back--I was dismissed! hehehehe TODAY, I get a summons for Pima county! Think they got it right now? can I serve twice in a year? I dont care--I just have to be careful what I take along to play with! ---eeny meeny miney mo---crochet or quilting---I will have to think on that one! I am a people watcher so reading and concentrating on that is almost impossible! hehehehe

I have been sewing--today I began handwork on a wall hanging and I am going to add borders to the TB CLUB 1st quarter project! I hope to have that at least ready for quilting by the class meeting--maybe I can get it done...ran in to the shop to pick up a little extra material and wound up leaving knowing that I get to work tomorrow! LOL...

that is it for right now! It is warm out there! I am NOT ready!

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Franie said...

No clue on the jury but because you were called but dismissed you might be eligible for jury in the same year. DH has jury call all next month. We are just hoping to not forget to call. He hates jury stuff and wishes he could send me in his place if he gets called. He does his best to foul them up by pretending to sleep. HA HA