Friday, February 15, 2008


well, it excites me anyway! I love weather!

these are of the back yard--the grass is green year round--thank goodness

I have daffodils growing, too, back there but didnt get them in the picture..

been spending a lot of time sewing and crafting--I am participating in rr's and just have fun....the orange colored block is a crazy quilting food fight swap block--it is nekked right now but will be shown in it's glory before I mail it with the recipe!

the pic of the 4 blocks is the second block for the Thimbleberries club and will be part of the BIG quilt we assemble at the end of the year...I will also be making all the quarterly projects as well--another set of these blocks will be made for that soon as I can get extra fabric to complete it--or I might just use some I have here already since they blend together from year to year.

the next picture of the lap quilt is JUNGLE FEVER and is a promotional item to be displayed in the local quilt shop. I didnt care for it at all till after I assembled it! LOL have to wait for the bolts to come in so I can add a border, backing and binding. And when the kits are gone--i get to keep the quilt! That is the best part....I can keep it in the rv!
Speaking of which, we recently sold the pop up trailer---we decided to have a regular rv and will be looking for one! I need to make some new things for that when we find one we like! --here we go again! hehehehe
the last picture are of my DEAR JANE can read more about this at this fascinates me so I am making my own dear jane journey and so far so good, still have tremendous interest!
I have also been helping out a bunch at the quilt shop! Tomorrow is the local home studio tour of ten homes--I am hostessing all day at my friend's house and really looking forward to it! I LOVE her house--and if permitted--will take pics.... was going to have my own tour today but I backed out because of the rain! and now it is snowing again and John just walked in--nothing going on at school because of the weather...he says he wishes he was watching this in the mountains! well, DUH! LOLthat is all for now..think I am caught up--gonna go sew....


Susan said...

That was a nice catch-up post! You've been working on lots of different things, and they all look good. I love the Jungle Fever quilt.

val said...

I love the jungle fever quilt too but I already have one that I love so you don't have to send me another TEE HEE--- just pillow shams:-))) got my candle you can see it at under :"Blessed" Your sissy in FL--P.S. It's not snowing!

Franie said...

You are living up to your nick!
WOW you have been so busy. You will enjoy a regular RV--will be much easier to go off and stay--take that from a gal who has all kinds of campers starting with a tent! Jungle fever is done with African type fabrics? The dogs are preciious!