Sunday, February 24, 2008

I really DO get things DONE!!!!

I began this while living at SIL's house back in 06, waiting for our new home to be built, after moving back to Tucson. John bought me some fabrics and I didnt have a clue how big I was going to make it but decided because i didnt have a lot of things with me--that the traditional fence rail looked great as a whole! I had a king sized bed to go by--LOL. I only need to sew down the binding.

This next one I began while we were living in Lakeside and I took a class using four patches and that interesting sashing you see! hehehehe forget what it is called and I couldnt find the binding that I had previously cut, so I used the purple... who knows where the orange went to! LOL My step dil picked out the fabric and I am certain she has since forgotten--been about 2 1/2 years! this also simply needs to have the binding stitched down.

MANY sincere thanks to my friend in Idaho for doing the machine quilting..I have my first lesson in machine quilting in March and am really looking forward to it! It was much easier to assemble tops for her in trade for the quilting! hehehe I really need to learn while I have the desire!
Today o will be bustling around in my room---wanna make a couple more dj blocks, and get ready for a class tomorrow with Jean Biddick--using yet another new technique for me called blending backgrounds!


Susan said...

They both look very nice. I hate to say it, but the orange border looks great with the purple! =)

Franie said...

WOW Carole I am so impressed. These two quilts are perfect! Robin did a nice job on them also. I love how the orange border goes with the purple--it actually makes it pop. The rail fence is really nice too. You have come a long way Baby!