Saturday, January 19, 2008


has been going very quickly. I have been helping at the quilt shop since the 3rd and will be there next week, also--doesnt matter--more $ to spend on TB club again this year. The fabrics are much more to my liking and yes--still getting out of my comfort zone!! I have been assembling tops for a gal that is doing some quilting for me. I have been trying to come up with a border for the green one--this is the one I took apart a couple months back as it didnt come out right--so far so good this time around...the blue one is my first attempt at the keyboard border--THIS I like! wasnt near as difficult as I thought it would be!

LAST Sunday (the 13th) I managed to take my "boss" (quilt shop owner) into Tucson for the QUILT SHOW! we arrived at 9:45 and left at 3:30--good thing i didnt have other plans--I wou,ld have, but hubby wasnt feeling great so i stayed away from him! LOL----OH WOW!!! I didnt want to lug around our camera, so i decided that I was going to buy a cd with pics of all the quilts on it--well--THAT went by the wayside--i forgot! So, that part of this catching up will have to wait! I did have a private hands on needle turned appliqué lesson from Jeane Kimball and got an autograph in a pattern book I purchased. Another highlight was the scrap-busters demo..lots of wonderful ideas!!

these pics are of a tote I received from a gal in England . We participate in a Thimbleberries list and i couldt resist doing a XMAS swap!

Last August I submitted my very first (all mine) afghan design to a publishing company and it was accepted and published. Last week, I received my original afghan back along with the publication that also has several designs that I have tested for the publisher! Wow was this ever a thrill for me! I have another pattern that I co-designed with a gal that came out in 06...I am also designing a doily for a contest later on this year. I will mention it from time to time but probably no pics--at least for now--there is always that possibility that i would submit it also, for publication!

THAT is all for this post! there will be more tonight or tomorrow so please check back!


Gail said...

Congrats Carole, this is so wonderful that you have been published. So cool.
Love you Christmas exchange bag, you'll enjoy using that I am sure.
You sure have been busy getting tops done, love the green one.

Candi said...

Your quilts are beyond gorgeous!! The Tote is awesome! Where would I find your pattern that's been published?

JANE said...

How exciting to for your pattern! The afghan looks very pretty and lacy, just gorgeous... and your TB tote, we know how you love the TB's !!!