Thursday, January 31, 2008

CQ Geronimo block is done and more chatter

and he will be on his way home tomorrow!! I had a blast working this block...wasnt sure i could stop but sure needed to!

now I move on to another project! This, too, will be a cq project! I made a Spring block for the season to season swap--I have a green block to embellish a little bit and I know the theme of the block for the food fight swap--just gotta get the right stuff together! I have it, so no shopping for anything! LOL That is it for the CQ projects!!!!

You will never guess what I am taking the plunge to do?!?!? well, some of you know, so rather than putting your brains to work--I am going to tell you! I drove 52 miles to a quilt shop on the northwest side of town to buy some shirtings and civil war reproduction fabrics! YES, I am going to do a sampler quilt of common blocks from the civil war era--I am also going to do a Dear Jane Quilt. You can read about it here--- ---I have what I need now to get started, including more fabrics! LOL Maybe I can get one block done today!?!?! I am going to do this by hand! I want it to look like the one at the DJ website! Others have done it, and started another, some are doing it now, and others are starting out just like I am! I am very excited about this. I wont be in a hurry---and have given myself a minimum of two years to finish! So, if you see me referring to DJ, you will know what I am talking about! more soon

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JANE said...

Hi Carole, How kewl that you are starting a DJ !!! That's quite a commitment to quilting & piecing but I am sure you will have lots of fun sharing your progress and stitching it! I am soooo excited to see Mo on his way home and I can't wait to show you the final piecing together of the blocks. I'll talk with you soon...