Saturday, January 19, 2008


I am participating in a "create your own theme" crazy quilting swap--I happen to have GERONIMO in my possession-This belongs to gal named JANE that lives way up north. I wanted to surprise her with something special. so i begna getting my ideas together last summer. I wasnt going to show anyone till after I had completed this special project, but showing all got the better of me!!
I have played more since this picture was taken but you can see where my ideas are going! I am really enjoying this and I hope the owner likes it as surprises now! hehehehehe

Another gal on this list began a color study swap with the first color being greens! oh how wonderful for me! (below)

I also sent out another block to a gal in Colorado because I wish to do a good sized quilt with two blocks of each color. I have enough wall hangings for now if I get them all completed!
And this one is for the Spring swap--these blocks will all be embellished by others as well as myself...this is part of the fun!!

creativity abounds in this type of quilting--in fact, I have also crocheted items to be placed on green blocks that will be coming my direction for embellishments! I can have the best of both crafts this way! LOL.. *~*CAROLE*~*


MakesMeSmile said...

ooo I'm gonna love that Geronimo Piece. Can't wait to see it unfold!


JANE said...

Ohhh Carole, this is a surprise!! I am so excited to see what your doing with Mo, I love it! and the green spring block too, what great construction and lots of great seams to work with...