Tuesday, December 18, 2007

sing to LET IT SNOW!

Oh the weather outside is frightful

But the fabric is so delightful

I wish I'd no place to go

Let me sew ,let me sew, let me sew

My kitchen floor needs mopping

But I've bought some beads for topping

I've got to finish my UFO

Let me sew, let me sew, let me sew

When I finally sit at the seat

I'll forget all about my home

My family will want to eat

They'd better call for pizza on the phone

The stitches are finally flying

And the seams are flatly lying

If they really do love me so

They'll let me sew, let me sew, let me sew



Candi said...

Carole, love your song:) Thanks for sharing.

Judy S. said...

Great song; I will share it with my quilt group! I love your TB quilt and afghan. My mom did a ripple afghan for us before she passed away, and everytime someone uses it, or even when I see it on our couch, I think of her...lots of love in those stitches.

Happy New Year!

Candi said...

Carole, you've been tagged for the "You Make My Day" Award. The rules are on my blog:)