Monday, December 10, 2007


well, here I am again--I let more time slip away. no more excuses.

Following are pics I took at our final Thimbleberreis meet of the year. Those that completed their tops are in here, and there are a couple that will participate next year. I am behind the top with the gal in blue holding it! ;o) I didnt follow all the directions perfectly, my tulips wound up opposite and i wasnt going to change it! I didnt do embroidery in windows--I am going to hang curtains! LOL and add another border or two...

The picture with the gal in blue behind the quilt completed hers as instructed and has a king sized quilt-The gal in the white jacket was the instructor

I got a real good look at next year's fabrics and decided that i will more than likely buy all of the lodge (dark) colorway

and some of the lakeside (light) colorway.

I completed the ripple afghan on Sunday night now I am designing a doily to enter into a contest next year..I am looking forward to this and will take a couple pics soon.

HEY--we are getting some weather--we had rains off and on all weekend and there are winter storms warnings around. We are due a fair amount of rains all day tomorrow. That makes me happy since we see little in the desert. I actually think that what we got put us over our annual rainfall amount of 12 inches :o)
That sure is not much in my book and of course the records do not show that. because they go by what is recorded at the weather service center at the airport. Dont get excited for us--we are still in our drought.This top is pin-basted and ready for quilting--I am going to practice a bit before I tackle it! I was tempted to hand-quilt it--but again-would love to see it finished in my lifetime! hehehe

that is enough for now--i am going to work up a couple rounds on the doily, then call it a night!
for now;



Susan said...

The TB looks great, and I like the idea of curtains. That and the other make your quilt unique.

Jane said...

Can't beleive that is your first Ripple Afie. It turned out great and your quilt is fab! You sure have some TB fabric collecting time ahead of you, heheheh!

val said...

love the topper in the bottom pic but love my quilt the best---every time i cover me up I think of my sissy

Franie said...

You amaze me as always Carole. TB is not my forte' but I have to admit they look pretty spiffy and I know you had a great time with the group. And the ghan is stunning--I hope you are keeping it.

Quilt Nut said...

thanx for dropping by my blog :)