Saturday, September 29, 2007


yeah--trip was uneventful and rather boring--I had hoped to catch some Fall colors going on someplace but for the first time ever, Pike's Peak didnt even have snow on it, that i can remember, anyway! I love Colorado Springs--spread out, rather sleepy, clean for the most part, and grass and trees--all sorts of trees--lovely weather to speak of--just windy coming back! The dogs missed us terribly, but it had to be done. lLea is moved in, and already out for the night--ok--we can play dominoes with friends--ah--love being retired--tomorrow I can back to crocheting and quilting--more soon *~*CAROLE*~*

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Susan said...

You've been traveling a lot lately! I think Colorado has just been too warm to turn the leaves. They were just starting up in Coconino Forest. They are starting in NY state. I imagine if you had waited a couple more weeks, you would have seen some. Of course, I suppose she couldn't wait. =)