Wednesday, October 1, 2008


I am delighted! I love this time of wouldnt know it was Fall here..I have to make it look that way inside the house! But that is ok--I love this time of the year anyway!
these are a few of the Thimbleberries blocks I have been working on---These bring me up to date in the Thimbleberries club...

Been keeping myself busy...I acquired storage systems for my room! organizing all that and refolding my fabrics has worn me out! Now, I have a bit of a problem finding things! BUT the room looks bigger and neater--so why complain! maybe I will get brave and take pictures! LOL

My brother was here for a visit, from Florida! It sure was great to see him!

that is about it for today..I am going to go do some stitching..

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Franie said...

I know it was great to see your brother. Is that your sis and mom too in the photos? Like your blocks also. What kind of storage system did you get? Hope to see photos soon of that area.