Wednesday, October 1, 2008

almost forgot

some stirred within me--and I had to pic up a crochet hook...
and this is a little niche that I have decorated (most of this stays year round)

ok--now going to go and stitch...crochet later ;o)


Pattie said...

Hi Carole -

Just wanted you to know that your name has been put into the "hat" for the Thimbleberries book. Good luck!

We'll have to stay in touch... we have SO much in common: Thimbleberries, to start... we're both Aries (March 28th for me – how about you?)... we're both 51 and retired. Life is GOOD, eh?

Happy October. :-)

Jane said...

Good to see you posting. Have enjoyed looking at your blocks. Good luck on winning the book in above post.. know how you love those thimbleberries. We picked actual thimbleberrys this year.. they aren't bad... alittle tart and definaitly bigger than blackberries. The leaves are pretty too, I have a woll pinkeep made from a thimbleberry leaf shape.
Take care!

Gerry said...

Hey Girl, how are you? It's so good to see you posting. I love your little corner vignette. Great colors!

Also, did you ever get your STS-Summer block back? I sure hope so.

Hugs. Take care of you!