Tuesday, June 17, 2008


I began this quilt back in October of 2007. It was rather
interesting in that there are blocks within blocks.
You can actually pick them out if you concentrate hard enough! hehehe There are
12 blocks, but lots more if you were to *read between the lines*!! This was very challenging for me and there was a time I thought I would actually hand quilt it--however--I wanted to see this done in my lifetime! I have a great friend that insisted that I go to her house and she would teach me how to quilt using her equipment..who am I to say no to such an offer? we are becoming good friends for other reasons as well! :o)...This is my very first Thimbleberries quilt for my stash! I have a couple yet to be completed! and of course, this year's club quilt and extra projects!

well, it is JUNE and temperatures made a big jump--today it was 110.2 at my house!, and we are expecting higher temps this week--you can bet I wont be going out so see some quality sewing time inside! bring on the rains! I am beyond ready for them!


Gail said...

Totally love this quilt Carol, it is perfect.

Susan said...

Very nice finish, Carole! I like the crazy quilt border you chose to do. =)

Charlene said...

This is so beautiful! I've had my eye out for that border fabric - but it is almost impossible to find! What a great job you did!!

Dot said...

I just saw this quilt in a quilting magazine from 2003, and thought I'd like to do this. I wondered if I could still find the pattern. When I Googled it, I came out with alot of sites.

Your quilt is beautiful! Good job for sticking with it and completing it.

Would you be interested in selling your patterns? dotalarson@gmail.com