Monday, June 2, 2008

accomplishments yesterday

These are how I passed the time yesterday--that and crocheting of course!
The Saturdays of our Thimblerries club, some of us stick around to share our progress on our Civil War reproductions quilts. I didnt start mine till yesterday and I have these done already..3 colors, different designs, hues, toones, and I am delighted since I had no real pattern in mind...just using traditional blocks. I has set this up to do one block a month, then a couple gals said that would be big enough--they wanted to do 20 blocks, so here I am--LOL--catching up--I am sure one gal is all done her blocks already! hehehehee

I also made a Thimbleberries thread butler. no pattern, tho I had made one before, I kinda followed that idea. it keep me company at my sewing machine..
Today, I am going to be hanging out in Town with another gal--we are going to do our own kinda shop-hop thingie. I need some things for cq-ing, gotta check out the shop that has the most CW repros in town, maybe eat, and check out JoAnn's

have a glorious day!

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