Monday, June 15, 2009

OK-I KNOW--it's been a bit!

been busy and have been out of town and no access to computer unless I spend time in the library--well, decided I could live without computer for a little while--we are kind house sitting! The girls love the sitting room :o) and used it and like it much! they were both sleeping when I found them in here, and sat pretty for me :o)--later, I caught them basking in the sun in another room--it is called the great room. They made themselves at home, Susan G ..THANKS!

I made this afghan in the time we were gone--I was on a mission to complete an afghan and was actually surprised when I did....
This time away was like a quilt camp for one..took the machine and everything I would need, made a dress, a top and worked on a quilt top for a shop sample, and a quilt top for me :o)
pics of those soon to follow, I hope...getting more hours at the quilt shop than I thought but I am needed so it is ok--I can save money for more fabric, or whatever....we have a trip to Boise coming up in August, so may have to hunt up shops in that area---more soon

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