Saturday, January 27, 2007


John and I walked for approximate 3 1/2 miles--most of the time we stick to where we have already been these days--his knee is still healing and he needs to not overdo..after we got back, it was relax for him and I baked bear claws, for the first time, and of course, they were a big hit, they are all gone! LOL..a week or so ago, I cut my finger, well, not cut, took out a chunk, but it is healing nicely and will provide me a nice indentation, permanently! hehehe....I have learned to be much more careful around that thing! (rotary cutter)

Yesterday was a great sewing day for me. I began my sewing for the THIMBLEBERRIES QUILT CLUB 2007, that I am enjoying immensely! So much to learn and lovely fabrics...I also completed the free project I had received as a member (you can see this in the pictures above). I enjoyed making the notebook cover. I used RJR Thimbleberries fabrics from collections of past years as I have decided that this will keep all my THIMBLEBERRIES items together. I wasnt ready to use the fabrics I have already accumulated for the club's projects!!

Today, my grand daughter is 11 years my! I cant say what I bought her, as she might read about it hear--she is gonna like it, I am sure...we have a party later on to go to for her and dinner after that and the rest of the day will be spent doing as I please!!! I hope you day is wonderful and that you are happy---***~~~WIPPY~~~***


Susan said...

Love your blocks and your notebook. Does that cover fit over a regular notebook, or do you stiffen the sides somehow?

You had a good exercise day!


regular notebook with 1 1/2 in bind!!
I may make more ;o) it is a great project!!

Susan said...

For all your friends? =)